What Happens At ARVI infection

Virus settles on mucous surface, its vital activity is followed by release of toxic agents which are soaked up by blood and freely spread in vascular system of whole organism. As a result the infected person feels an ache in muscles, head noises or pain, temperature rises.

The very first are respiratory organs infected therefore this disease is called respiratory. All types of viral infections have fast development, but last not for long. Usually people with unstable immunity and children suffer from ARVI. After had ARVI, immunity is weakened, and therefore the risk to fall ill again, increases to 3-4 times

Viral infections are revealed unexpectedly and acutely. Before the disease shows itself, the person can feel weakness, causeless irritability and fatigue feeling. Then appear headache, muscular ache and temperature; also release of sweat increases. Depending on what virus visited you, rhinitis, tussis and sore throat can develop. On general background of disease conjunctivitis can sometimes be shown.

It isn’t necessary to consider ARVI a harmless seasonal disease; this disease is fraught with serious complications of respiratory tracts (bronchitis, pneumonia), lesions of ears (otitis), nose lesions (sinusitis), and heart lesions. Besides, ARVI also provokes exacerbation of chronic diseases.

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