What Drugs To Apply At ARVI

Sudden manifestation of catch cold symptoms: clogged nose, rhinitis, painful swallowing, temperature increase, tussis point that organism reacts to infection and started fighting against harmful virus. The patient needs to understand only correctly received signals and provide him a medicine extremely necessary for relief of disease state.

We already know that at temperature over 38,5°C it is necessary to apply medicines allowing to reduce it, however it is not clear what to do at emergence of rhinitis and sore throat.  Let’s study together.

To facilitate respiration at rhinitis you should do humidification of the nasal passages to make mucous not dry up as it is a surface which is a natural obstacle for viruses penetration into lungs and to have an opportunity to sustain the infection. In this case simple physical solution will become a good assistant; it is necessary to use it for 3-4 times a day. As for drops which cause narrowing of vessels, it is necessary to refuse them as they lead to mucosa edema and don’t maintain immunity at all.

Tussis shouldn’t scare you as it is a normal ability of organism to get rid of the slime which accumulated in lungs. In case tussis became drier and more frequent, medicines will be required, which don’t dry sputum but do it more liquid; that will allow to remove it easier. To apply drugs, which oppress tussis, is not recommended.

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