Tips On ARVI Treatment

As soon as fact of infection is diagnosed, we start treatment immediately. Firstly put the patient to bed even if the disease passes easily. You shouldn’t treat ARVI carelessly; it generally concerns the adult population considering this disease “insignificant”. It is necessary to follow all prescriptions of the doctor that will make all process of recovering simpler, and also will minimize the possibility to infect people around.

It is necessary to understand that medicines cannot help to recover instantly but their application is necessary. Usually for diagnosing the medicines are prescribed which are acceptable also for treatment of ARVI, and for its prophylaxis. These preparations contain substances normalizing temperature, reducing painful feelings in muscles and in head, and also reducing puffiness of respiratory tracts. The main ingredient of antiviral drugs is vitamin “C” which promotes restart of immune system.

Everybody should remember that use of medicines to reduce body temperature if it lower than 38,5°C it is not desirable! At this temperature the protective system of organism is engaged. Substances, which allow destroying virus, start generated.

Also it is necessary to remember never use antibiotics for treatment of ARVI. Antibiotics don’t kill virus, thus taking of them will help virus to “knock off” your organism if there are no complications.

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