Regime Measures At ARVI For Children

It is very important for all children irrespective of age to keep a full set of measures on performance of health improving regime. Organism suffers during illness, all its resources are referred on destruction of infection and consequently it is necessary not to give it additional inconveniences.

At the beginning of disease, the child should be put in bed, especially if there is a strong malaise and temperature raise. As soon as it becomes better, it will be possible to allow spending a few time out of bed. ARVI is usually treated at home, but babies (up to 3 months), can be hospitalized.

During illness the special attention should be paid to nutrition. At the beginning of disease appetite of the child can poor. It is not recommended to feed baby by force. In a serious situation the organism usually directs all its forces to suppression of infection and therefore the system of digestion starts working in slow regime. At improvement of child state parents can start offering vegetable and milk nutrition, and then gradually pass to usual food.

The correct reception of liquids during illness by children is important because they lose liquid with sweat and at respiration more actively that can lead to a fluid loss and aggravation of symptoms. To prevent unpleasant consequences and to activate removal process from organism of viruses’ waste products it is necessary to start drinking much liquid. For this purpose any drinks will suit, the exception is made only by carbonated beverages.

You shouldn’t forget and about aeration and wet cleaning of bedroom.

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