Principles Of ARVI Treatment

ARVI as well as any other infectious disease, requires an integrated approach with maximum therapeutic effect on illness cause (virus).

For catch cold treatment effective drugs of broad spectrum of activity have not been found till now; research works in this direction are still continued.

Nowadays drugs containing interferon (protein which is a defender of human organism from viruses) are applied for treatment.  Usually artificially produced human interferon medicines and stimulators are prescribed. Drugs are produced in form of drops, ointments, creams, suppositories, and also in form of solutions for intramuscular injections.

Preparations are highly active at the very beginning of disease when own interferon cannot manage to be generated enough, in order to protect organism from virus and to help to get rid of it.

Besides drugs with interferon doctors recommend to accept antiviral medicines as Remantadin or its analogs. Action of such medicines is quick and it improves patient’s state, but unfortunately, these drugs have a very small range of action taking not all types of respiratory viruses, so the effect from reception of such medicines is very small.

Besides, medicines of this group have also side effects and of course not always it is possible to apply them at serious catarrhal illness as the medical effect can appear smaller than harm.

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