How To Prevent ARVI

All types of respiratory infections are transmitted at direct contact to the patient through communication, phone, computer equipment, tableware. The originator lives not for long, but several hours of his life will be enough for you to catch. In order it would not occur just wash your arms.

Also it is worth remembering that water washes not only arms, but whole organism, bringing out waste products. The person should drink not less than eight glasses a day if there are no contraindications.

Also it is recommended to visit sauna more often. During this procedure not only slags, but also viruses go away as air temperature in sauna is 80°C, viruses cannot sustain it and perish.

Outdoors walks air will allow your respiration system to restore, after all, heating at your apartments dries air andupper air passages mucous as well; that allows virus to settle down there freely.

Everyday morning exercises and eating fresh vegetables also help human organism to cope with aggressor; so be more active.

Also our organism should be ready by the period of diseases, one of ways of such preparation is cold water treatment which is better to start in the summer; this procedure stimulates and strengthens immune system of person.

Well and the last: in order not to get to group of risk, it is necessary to leave off smoking, as cigarette smoke very strongly dries nose mucosa and just opens doors for any respiratory infection.

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