Optimum Conditions For ARVI Treatment

Besides cold symptoms organism patient’s reacts on them with temperature rise; it is a response of protective systems to expansion of a virus. In this case it is necessary to help the protective processes in organism, but not try to prevent them. If temperature drops to normal, it means that organism manages to cope independently with infection; it is just possible when at treatment in home conditions, providing prerequisites for comfortable loss of heat by body. Such loss of heat requires two conditions:

  1. To keep to a diet: light meals as the first step to fast recovery. You shouldn’t use food hard to digest. Adults can limit meals the taking just a fruit juice. Children need to eat a cottage cheese, buckwheat and oat porridges, vegetables, berries and fruit which contain vitamin “C” (sweet pepper, currant, oranges, apples, etc.). After recovery it is possible to return to a usual food, but nevertheless at first it is required to limit the use of serious products (eggs, meat, etc.), the same concerns also potatoes.
  2. To use a large amount of liquids as the organism loses heat in after sweating, therefore, it is necessary to make this process more intensive and drink plentifully, however not everything is good for this purpose. Best of all is to drink compote from dried fruits, crimson, viburnum, currant and herbal teas. It is better to forget about coffee for some time.

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