Methods of ARVI Therapy For Children

Catch cold never comes alone; it is accompanied by series of unpleasant symptoms. Nose stops breathing and tussis starts preventing to sleep and eat normally, there is a sickness because of temperature. If temperature is higher than 38,5°C it is also necessary to take antipyretic drugs but if within 38°C child can be allowed to sustain a fever as viruses perish at high temperature.

Children are forbidden to take Aspirinum, nimisulida and analginum, and also syrups, with antipyretic and vasoconstrictors, such medicines are dangerous.

At treatment you should apply high doses of vitamin “C” which is enough in dog rose broth, tea with lemon. Sometimes doctors prescribe anti allergic drugs which promote decrease of mucous edema.

If child has rhinitis you should remember:  nose requires a scrupulous care. The first what should be done is to wash out the nose with saline solution from sea salt; just for irrigated nose vasoconstrictive drops can be applied.

 It is necessary to apply them according to the instruction not more than 2- 3 times a day, and the last time before going to bed (to sleep without problems); if to use more often, it is possible to cause habituation. Remember that 3-5 days for the termination are enough for usual catarrhal rhinitis.

In case sore throat it is worth to give the child medicine reducing these symptoms. Besides, it is necessary to gargle throat with chamomile, soda solution with one iodine drop; it is also possible to buy Furacilin solution at drugstore.

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