How To Prevent ARVI

Everybody knows that there is no ARVI vaccine in the world therefore it is worth taking care of yourself, increasing the resistance of organism to infections, increasing its immunity.

For this purpose it is necessary:

Firstly, it is a systematic cold training, day by day. Obligatory procedures are: cold/hot douche, sponging down, dew cure, contrast baths for feet, maximum stay in fresh air, etc. It is necessary to carry out cold training gradually, and it is worth to begin from early spring or in summer, reducing water temperature very slowly, so the organism will be able to adapt better to temperature drops.

Secondly it is a rising of activity. For this purpose it is necessary to begin, as much as possible walk, riding a bike, ski (depends on a season); work in the yard is welcomed. This perfectly effects immunity strengthening.

Thirdly: correct dressing in compliance to a season. Today synthetics is very popular, and many people prefer such type of clothes, but, unfortunately, the body doesn’t “breathe” in it, sweat has no opportunity to evaporate; that makes good conditions for a overcooling. Besides many people in cold season don’t put on warm underwear and headdresses that also leads to overcooling.

Healthy foodstuff also belongs to preventive measures; it is preferable to include fruit, vegetables, onions, garlic and sauerkraut in your ration.

In case the infection has already occurred, the patient should be isolated, given an individual ware which after use should be processed with boiled water, room thoroughly aired.

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