How To Choose Drugs For ARVI Treatment

It is necessary to remember that properties of drugs, have to be aimed to support the immunity of sick person but not to be a powerful tool for treatment of any concrete implications of cold (tussis a rhinitis, etc.). Such preparations will be helpful a little to recover, and will just do a harm in form of side effects. Therefore drugs for treatment of ARVI have to be vegetal; their action has to be soft and even careful, aimed on destruction of a virus, thus not spreading to organs affected with an infection.

One of the most effective remedies for cold treatment is interferon containing medicines. Such drugs can strengthen immunity and help to fight against illness. It isn’t excluded that the disease will pass as acute form with very high temperature; in this case it is necessary to apply Paracetamol which perfectly reduces temperature. It is important not to forget about taking vitamins: during cold they are just irreplaceable. Any other medicines are not recommended to take.

It is important to drink much (alkaline water, tea with crimson, cranberry jam and honey). The entire period of illness, use products containing phytoncides (lemon, ginger, garlic, onion, etc.). Phytoncides also are contained in potatoes’ peel; therefore potato peels broth easily kills sore throat and tussis.

If to keep these tips you will be able to fight against illness without risk for your organism.

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