Drugs Helpful At ARVI

When all conditions for the patient allowing to put into operation all necessary immune mechanisms for destruction of an infection are framed  it is possible to start support of organism with medicines because drugs recovering will be much more difficult without antiviral; immune system will be more weakened that can lead to a recurrent disease.

It is necessary to remember that efficiency of drugs is possible if they work at the air temperature lower than 22°C, good sweating and observation of dietary rules. Otherwise drugs will hardly give due help to organism, and in case of violation of preventive rules, antiviral preparations won’t help to recover, but also will do harm, with adverse reactions which will require additional drug treatment.

The exact comprehension of what drugs can be used for treatment and what better not to try is also very important. It is not a secret that the list of medicines for catch cold treatment in our drugstores is very big. Among them there are a lot of medicines having an identical formula, but different name and price, but not every drug has identical usefulness. It is possible to orient in this sea of medicines only having visited a doctor, having been given necessary prescriptions and recommendations. Then you will just need to care attentively the state your relative (if personally you are not sick) and according to your observations make correction of treatment, informing your doctor.

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