How To Distinguish Complications In Children

The acute inflammation of a middle ear (otitis) can arise if the child has a strong rhinitis. Improper attention to this fact (all children in childhood have snot) and results in otic illnesses.

Rhinitis is especially dangerous for kids, as they cannot correctly blow the nose, and as a result infected slime can get into tympanic cavity where bacteria quickly breeds owing to what pus starts accumulating. Otitis is shown by acute pain in the ear which decreases a little if to put child on pillow on a sick ear.

The state sharply worsens when feeding the child, he starts shouting because of pain rising during sucking or chewing. Pain relief comes only at pus break outside and its effluence from ear.

Formation of bronchitis can be determined by intensified tussis, it changes for rhonchial, viscid because of its increased productivity.

 Thus the sputum of yellowish or greenish color starts being segregated with tussis, yellow badly smelling pins can sometimes be expectorated. During auscultation it is possible to hear rhonchuses in bronchi, temperature rises, general state becomes worse. Babies may have a dyspnea.

Pneumonia (pneumonia) symptoms remind bronchitis, but its clinical course is much more serious. Pneumonia can be followed by serious dyspnea, multiple rhonchuses, severe cough with a large volume of sputum with pus.

If all above-mentioned signs are obvious the child should be urgently shown to the doctor.

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