Distinctive Features Of ARVI And Flu

ARVI is a viral disease of top respiratory organs which is provoked by various virus agents. Flu is also ARVI which caused by a flu virus.

Why flu heads all ARVI range? Here are its differences:

• causes epidemics which cover great number of population;

• disease is more cruel, action of flu is characterized by frequent complications and increased death rate;

• effective medicines like Zanamivir  and Ozeltamivir are developed against flu.

There are differences in symptomatology of diseases.

• The ARVI develops gradually, flu very dartingly.

• At catch cold the temperature seldom rises higher than 38,5°C, at flu body temperature sharply increases to 39°C and 40°C and can remain up to 3-4 days.

• At flu there is a strong intoxication, hyperhidrosis, acute headache, light dread, dull ache in muscles and joints (body pain), ARVI doesn’t have such symptoms.

Besides catch cold and flu can be distinguished with rhinitis and inflamed throat, flu doesn’t cause intensive rhinitis, nasal blockage is distinguishing for it, the same can be said about throat: such symptoms do not belong to flu, they are peculiar just to catch cold.

As for tussis, at ARVI it appears from the first day and is not strongly marked, flu differs in serious tussis and substernal pain.

And the last symptoms are: easy fatigability and weakness, nervous state and sleeplessness after illness; these are symptoms of flu which completely are absent at ARVI.

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