Diffusion of ARVI

There are two different versions how viruses get into a human body. According to them penetration of virus is caused by mechanical contact to nose or eyes of person, on the second –virus gets to organism at inspiration of infected air. These two versions have the right for life so we will accept them and try to use this knowledge during virus epidemics.

Virus infections almost never cause serious complications, except for those people who are sick with chronic diseases of heart, vessels and lungs. Such people need to take care especially during seasonal diseases.

It is necessary to remember some rules how to prevent infection:

• try not to touch with arms your eyes and a nose outdoors;

• wash arms thoroughly, water doesn’t destroy virus, however washes it away;

• disinfect contact surfaces.

Unfortunately, it is very difficult to struggle with viruses when children are their carriers. To make possibility of virus transfer minimal it is necessary to be as far as possible from people who sneeze and cough. Of course, viruses in motes can fly in air for a long time, but nevertheless lack of direct contact to the patient, will serve as a certain protection. During disease it will be correct to use paper handkerchiefs for nose; fabric holds viruses very for a long time.

At the first symptoms of disease people usually start taking vitamin “C”, however it is necessary to take it carefully as exceeded dose may cause disorder or lead to problems with kidneys.

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