Diagnosing Of ARVI in Children

At usual course of catch cold it is not difficult to diagnose a viral disease; it can be determined by typical symptoms and complaints of child. To understand where and how there was a contact with infection carrier is also very easy.

ARVI usually is diagnosed just at outpatient department after physical survey. If catch cold proceeds rather easily, the doctor won’t prescribe any complex analyses but if the child has accompanying co-morbidity, to avoid the emergence of complications he will prescribe to make a general analysis of blood  (for checking the quantity of leucocytes), and also to check a leucocytal formula. Check formula is necessary for comprehension what of infections visited the patient: microbial or virus. Submitting to an urine test is preferable, this analysis will help to exclude complications.

If nevertheless there are complications, it will be necessary to make chest radiography, to carry out bacterial inoculation from tonsils and a nasopharynx. Physicians do not practice to allocate virus and to conduct special researches at, as ARVI virus is very changeable, and costs for carrying out analyses are not cheap and have long period for checking, and therefore by the time when the analysis is ready the epidemic will already come to the end.

In this case most important is to know not only the cause and clinical symptoms of catarrhal disease, but also to prescribe a correct treatment. People usually apply self-treatment, thus making many mistakes which can lead to complications with serious consequences.

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