Cool Indoors As Medicine For ARVI Treatment

Indoors air becomes stale, it is hard to breath and such air doesn’t promote convalescence. If temperature in the patient’s room is above 22 degrees, a sick organism decreases the ability of sweating therefore, one of removal channels of toxic substances of virus vital activity, is blocked.

The patient can lie in bed covered with blanket up to his head, but in his bedroom should not be hot, it should be fresh. Surely don’t forget this rule and observe indoors climate as it is one of the ways leading to convalescence.

It is worth remembering that aeration is necessary for bedroom, but not for person. The increased temperature isn’t recommended to be forced down in the “physical” way (to keep the patient without blanket in the cold room, to turn in a wet sheet, to put on his forehead a hotty with ice, etc.) – it isn’t safe.

In case if to apply one of above-mentioned methods to a body with raised temperature, spasm of blood vessels, which are under skin, occurs; that leads to retardation blood circulation. As a result, temperature nevertheless drops, but only on skin surface, but in internals increases. Therefore, it is worth thinking before taking mentioned actions, you should remember that similar radical methods can lead to side effect for elimination of which it is necessary to take more potent medicines.

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