Children And How They Catch ARVI

Infection is spread by both children and adults, and the spread it much more, despite their state, they continue to go to work or study, aggravating their state and systematically infecting people around.

From the moment of infection till the first symptoms of a disease emerge of some days (4-7) may pass; such situation for virus is a field for vigorous activity. All this is promoted by badly aired rooms, cold transport and the increased humidity of autumn and winter air.

Children simply have no place to hide from aggressively attacking virus therefore the main way of infection for them is the way of infection transmission by air (drop way). It is very simple: children are contact beings, with very close ways of communication. The virus is easily transmitted through toys (took out a toy from mouth and gave it to the friend) and arms (who have not seen a child pulling dirty arms into mouth).

It should be noted that not all children are capable to catch virus. Only kids with weakened immunity are subjected to catarrhal diseases. Such children are often and long ill, their organism constantly should struggle with disease therefore they hardly cope with ARVI. The same effect is caused by frigorism, bad nutrition and stresses.

We recommend to take care for children thoroughly, not to contact to them if they are ill, to limit communication with sick kids, to provide healthy nutrition and emotional well-being, to dress children according to weather conditions, but not according to a calendar season.

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