ARVI Causes

Big cities promote fast diffusion of viruses as people have to use city transport and thus they have hundreds of contacts to ill and healthy people within all day long. Infectious infection usually occurs during inhalation of the air containing sputum drops with virus which got to the environment as a result of sneezing or tussis of a sick person. Besides viruses are transmitted and through dirty arms (friendly handshake or contact to the infected surface).

The cause of illness of a ARVI lies in affection by aggressive virus of respiratory tracts and often arises most as a result of overcooling, stressful situations, improper feeding, infections in chronic form (tonsillitis, etc.).

Human respiratory organs are one of the main links in functioning of organism, their work is continuous and has significant contact to the environment, and therefore work of all respiratory system is fitted on recognition and destruction of infection. If nevertheless the virus managed to break through all obstacles on its way and have penetrated into organism it is shown by such symptoms as inflamed throat, increased temperature (result of strong intoxication of organism), clogged nose and rhinitis.

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