Autumn and ARVI. How to Protect Yourself

Eternal satellites of catarrhal diseases are; cold autumn and rain. Everybody can fell ill with ARVI. Within one year person can have three times of ARVI therefore catch cold takes the fourth place among other illnesses with an acute etiology.

Cold is not a basic disease, but a consequence of sharp frigorism of body which promotes a disease. Any drafts can lead to failure in work of organism protective functions. The virus isn’t always capable to cause a disease, just in case if the immune protection is undermined.

When autumn comes some time is necessary to change the clothes. At this time weather isn’t stable: too cold or very warmly, heavy rain is changed with warm sun shine. If not to react to weather conditions change and wear warm clothes; in this case you will have overheat and then frigorism of your body.

During epidemic of viral infections it is necessary to avoid crowded places (theaters, clubs etc.). At office to keep far from sneezing and coughing people; it is necessary to wear a removable gauze mask.

In case of the first signs of illness it is necessary to go to bed – dry heat is preferable. Drink more liquids in form of alkaline water and teas which will help to cope with intoxication. It is possible to cure catch cold without complications only having comfortable conditions for organism which struggles with an infection.

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