What ARVI Manifestations Are Dangerous For Children

Generally cold itself is not dangerous and proceeds rather easily and without consequences if to keep all requirements, but there are some symptoms which must alert. These symptoms can be an evidence of complication development or any other problem. Such symptoms should not remain unheeded and require a visit to doctor or a call an ambulance.

And so, what symptoms have to alert parents?

•catch cold did not pass more than in a week. In this case it is surely necessary to get doctor’s advice (pediatrician and ENT doctor) in order to exclude complication in the internals.

• child is in fever, temperature rises to 40 degrees, antipyretic are not helpful and don’t reduce temperature at all.

• temperature is increased for more than five days or after short stabilization of state started rising again;

• child complains on headache, and cannot incline the head to breast. For small children such state is shown by “cerebral” crydisquiet, throwing back its head and a swelling of fontanelle;

• against all known symptoms of ARVI there is eruption in form of asterisks or punctual hemorrhages;

• hallucination, delirium, syncope;

• retrosternal sickness at exhalation and inspiration, emergence of complicated respiration, feeling of  air lack, dyspnea;

• sputum got a green or pink shade;

• retrosternal pain and edemas on extremities

• urine changed (became muddy),  nausea accompanied with vomiting and diarrhea appeared.

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