Once Again About ARVI Danger

ARVI viruses don’t live long in the environment and very quickly perish, but just by air they can easily move from sick person to healthy.

The first symptoms of infection person may feel in some hours but they also can appear and in 3-4 days, and all this time a sick person feels absolutely healthy and infects people around.

Scientists know more than two hundred viruses of ARVI, thus constant forms of these viruses do not present as their nature is changeable, therefore, at “season” of catarrhal diseases we have opportunity to be ill not for one but for several times.

Usually doctors diagnose ARVI, when it is not clear, what caused the clinical picture: rhinitis, tussis and other phenomena of catch cold. It is known that many viral infections which lead to various exacerbations of diseases of the nasopharynx caused by viruses or complications on the progressing bacterial background are combined in this group. It is necessary to understand that diagnosis of ARVI is a usual medical term, but not a disease.

It is not recommended to sustain catch cold” on feet”. This disease significantly weakens protective functions of organism that results in possibility to fall ill with other more serious diseases, such as flu. The symptomatology of this disease on external signs is very similar to ARVI and differs only in that patient complains of the general unpleasant state, but not of concrete symptoms (tussis, rhinitis, etc.)

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