Aromatherapy Treatment Of ARVI

The essential oil blocks action of pathogenic bacteria, not passing them into a human body that gives the chance to avoid infection or to facilitate clinical course. We offer the following mixtures:

  1. Take soy or almond oil (50 g), add one by one drops of eucalyptus oil, carnations, cinnamon and pines. Drip some drops of an admixture On wet towel wipes we and place on central heater. It is possible to fill into spray for spraying in the room, in this it isn’t necessary to use case soy oil. The same composition of oils, but without cinnamon it is necessary to triturate the breast and round the nose.

  1. At throat disease it is necessary to gargle it with warm water with two drops of tea tree and several drops of lemon.

  1. If nose is clogged, and you have tussis, do inhalation with clove pink pine and eucalyptus essential oils. At loss of an olfaction use chervil oil, basil and geranium oils. Oils of thyme, geranium or a tea tree can be used for rubbing under nose, and also for massage of occipital part.

  1. During cold it is recommended to drink much liquid so we advise to make a tincture of eucalyptus leaves of an (2/3) and lavender flowers (1/3). After recovering it is worth drinking thyme broth for some days.

The most important of course, is not to fell ill. For this purpose it is simply necessary to drink broths from lemon and mint, and also to use only healthy and useful food during autumn and winter period, as often as possible. Besides, start doing your morning exercises.

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