Antiviral Medicines Which Proved Their Effectiveness

Not for advertising just for the purpose of care of your health we are ready to give some examples of effective antiviral preparations.

As it is known ARVI generally is treated at home, but the correctness of treatment is controlled by the doctor. In an ideal the doctor has to prescribe medicines and make recommendations on treatment. Purchase of drugs on your own discretion is dangerous by its consequences.

We can tell briefly about drugs which have already passed full clinical trials:

• Arbidol – it can be given even to two-year-old children;

• Amizon – it is possible to take and as a prophylactic;

• Amiksin – has the complex stimulating effect of immune system

• Viferon – is applied for prophylaxis, prescribed for adults and children. The course use of this medicine before seasonal outbreaks of ARVI will strengthen the protection system of an organism against aggressive viruses.

All preparations are excellent modulators of immunity and if there is a temperature, it is possible to get rid of it, having drunk usual Paracetamol.

Tussis is possible to be treated with rather effective remedies like Mucaltinum, Bromhexinum and Lazolvan; these drugs are helpful to clean bronchi.

For treatment of rhinitis, besides physical solution, it is possible to use Ectericidum and the same antiviral medicines in the form of sprayers.

We would like to remind that just those drugs, which were prescribed by the expert, should be applied for treatment. Only in this case fight against virus can be the most productive and harmless to an organism.

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