Antiviral Drugs And Their Efficiency For ARVI Treatment

Antiviral drugs are effective at disease prophylaxis and its treatment. And to receive a desirable result prophylaxis is obligatory. Systematic strengthening of immunity is required to be protected from infection. In case if all recommendations on treatment were observed, antiviral medicines (high-quality) will be able to help to organism of patient, especially if interferon or other immunomodifier is their component. Such medicines are good as they perfectly activate protective reactions in organism, increasing immunity at cellular level. Application of drugs against viruses gives the chance to simplify recovery process.

Drugs against viruses can be divided on: vaccines (stimulate emergence of antibodies in organism long before emergence of a virus), on immunomodifiers (medicines for short term increasing immunity and stimulating interferon production), and agents influencing on virus (allowing to suppress the ability of virus to breed).

It is necessary to notice that it is possible to use only drugs with proved clinical effect (amantadin, remantadin, zanamivir, etc.) as a large number of medicines which are on sale at our drugstores have not passed full clinical testing, and their safety is doubtful. All drugs before release on the market have to pass long tests and only after that the conclusion about their suitability and efficiency is drawn, and permission to realization of this preparation is given.

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