ARVI And Antibiotics

Doctor prescribes antibiotics only in case of infection development in organism caused by bacteria, but not at ARVI. As a rule, antibiotics at viral infection are applied only in some cases when the disease results in complication by bacterial infection, and illness itself transformed into more serious and dangerous form such as pneumonia or otitis.

Doctors don’t recommend application of antibiotics at own discretion and suggest to keep only the ordered prescriptions. But in real life the situation is different: most often patient takes those drugs which considers necessary, among them there are antibiotics.

Nowadays visit of doctor is considered a waste time. Almost all drugs in drugstores are sold without prescription that is peculiar only to our country, anywhere in developed countries is not possibly to buy drugs so easily.

Well, if you really have no time to visit medical offices remember one important thing:  viral infections are not treated with drugs for bacteria destruction. It is important to understand, that even at catch cold having a bacterial parentage such preparations are prescribed just in case  if threre  are serious complications in pharynx, nose, bronchi and lungs.

Unfortunately, despite fast development of medicine, anywhere in the world there is no laboratory in which by the results of analyses scientists would manage to distinguish external symptoms of viral and bacterial diseases.

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